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Hi! I'm Maxime (aka Epoc, aka EpocDotFr) and I'm a senior full-stack web developer (but not only). I'm living in France and currently use my skills for Plus que PRO Digital (previously known as WebCD).

In my spare time, I create things. Here's a list of them.

2023 • Python
A text adventure game engine (sources).
Synacor Challenge
2022 • Python
Source code of my solution to the Synacor Challenge.
Advent of Code
2022 • Python
Source code of my solutions to the Advent of Code challenges.
2022 • Python
Source code of my solutions to the hackattic challenges.
2022 • Python
Source code of my solutions to the Protohackers challenges.
2021 • Python
A Python package meant to read, manipulate and write OPML 2.0 files (sources).
GitLab Merge Requests lists enhancer
2020 • Javascript
A browser extension that enhance all Merge Requests lists on any instance of Gitlab and (available on Firefox and Chrome).
Character Generator Challenge
2018 • Python
My participation to the PyGame challenge « Character Generator » where the goal was to create a character generation GUI for an RPG-like game.
Leanpub library synchronization
2017 • Python
A script to synchronize your Leanpub library to the directory of your choice (e.g your e-reader).
2017 • Python
A Python package allowing to remote-control AIMP, an audio player (sources).
Server Patrol
2017 • Python
A simple HTTP-based server status check tool with email/SMS alerts.
2017 • Python
Originally a PHP project, it's a crowd-powered jukebox (available as a web interface) that uses the audio player of your choice in the background.
Connect Four
2017 • Python
My very first game and my very first PyGame project: the Connect Four game.
Connect Four Master Server
2017 • Python
Master server used by Connect Four for online games.
Craft N' Escape
2017 • Python
All items and crafting recipes for The Escapists 1 & 2 on one single page (sources).
2017 • Python
My second PyGame project: the Tetris game.
RWRS (Running With Rifles Stats)
2017 • Python
Players stats, server list et more for the Running With Rifles game (sources).
Spider Solitaire
2017 • Python
My third PyGame project: the Spider Solitaire game.
2017 • Python
Another game powered by PyGame: Minesweeper.
WAR (Web Audio Recognizer)
2016 • Python
A 100% web-based Shazam-like (closed since June 3, 2017).
Todo.txt I/O
2016 • Python
A simple Python module to parse, manipulate and write Todo.txt data (sources).
Web Todo.txt
2016 • Python
A web-based GUI to manage a Todo.txt file.
GitLab Notifier
2016 • Python
A script that informed you about GitLab builds progress with native system notifications. It's now useless, GitLab handles that natively.
2016 • Python
A script that send emails when a specific French business is officially closed with the help of Firmapi (closed since).
Sticky Notes to Kanboard sync
2016 • Python
A script to synchronize notes from Windows Sticky Notes to Kanboard.
2016 • Python
The script that powered the Dealabs office Slack bot who informed us about TCL disruptions.
2016 • PHP
A mobile-first Google Keep-like that use the Kanboard API as the storage backend.
Wunderlist plugin for Kanboard
2016 • PHP
A Kanboard plugin allowing to import tasks and lists from Wunderlist (closed since). Old version
History of Heroes (Python)
2015 • Python
A web app allowing to historize and display stats of Diablo III heroes with the help of the API (Python version).
History of Heroes (PHP)
2015 • PHP
A web app allowing to historize and display stats of Diablo III heroes with the help of the API (PHP version).
2014 • PHP
A web page allowing to display the current status of a railway network in Minecraft with the help of several LUA scripts, RailCraft, ComputerCraft and (late) RedPower.
=EaSy= Craft Admin
2014 • PHP
A web app allowing to administrate a Minecraft server running on Bukkit.
2014 • Javascript
A bookmarklet allowing to add CodeMirror features in Pastebin.